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Jia Huan Shi: was born in Jilin province, People's Republic of China in June 1947. He is a musician, sculpture musical and instrument producer; he is also the member of Chinese Musicians Association, American Ceramist Association and American Craft Council. Jia Huan Shi used to, represent China, visit tens of countries and areas. He held many times of solo concerts and gave lectures in many universities in China mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan.

Jia Huan Shi used to win Golden Globe Award at first China Arts Festival, he also won musical instrument technology innovation award of China's Ministry of Culture and the best artist award in Monterey Park city, U.S.

In 2001, Jia Huan Shi's new style of ceramic craft "music pottery" was exhibited in Guangzhou International Art Fair in China and it won China National patent of invention.

In January 2002, Jia Huan Shi emigrated to the United States as outstanding artist.

In August 2004, Jia Huna Shi "music pottery" gallery was held in EI Monte Social Museum, California and his work named "little eyes" was collected by Los Angeles History Museum.

In October 2005 Jia Huan Shi held his music pottery art works exhibition in Monterey Park city of America and won the best artist award. His works names "Angel" was sold for charity and donated to Catherine hurricane disaster area.

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