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Ceramic Musical Instrument - XUN
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Note: XUN is an ancient Chinese Wind Instrument with more than 7,000 years hisory.

9-Hole Xun
9-Hole Xun (No. 2001)
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8-Hole Xun
8-Hole Xun (No. 2002)
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Professional Tuning Xun
Professional Tuning Xun (No. 2003)
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Chi Ba (ceramic): Chi Ba is an ancient Chinese musical instrument.

Bending Chi Ba
Bending Chi Ba (No. 3001)
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Carved Chi Ba
Carved Chi Ba (No. 3002)
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Micro-Flute: Ceramic Micro-Flute is the smallest flute in the world. (With its length equal to little finger)  

Ceramic Micro-Flute
Ceramic Micro-Flute (No. 3003)
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